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When The Music Heals

Monday, September 20th, 2010 by Christian Drink,

A new technique for treatment of the vine through music is used at Chateau La Grange Clinet

The vines that cover the hillsides contains many enemies who threaten its habitat.

Until 2000, to fight against esca, mushroom devasting scourge to the grapevine, were treated with arsenic.

This is amazing but true, the use of arsenic is indeed prohibited. The use of toxic products should be avoided at all cost.

The Solution: Using sound to sustain the health of the vines, an environmently safe alternative.

Destroyed by asphyxiation

However, esca havoc in the vineyards, destroying the vine by asphyxiation by closing all its pores, preventing drawing its food in the ground.

So, how do we eradicate this threat in the ecosystem without the use of chemical treatment?

Sound Box Joel Sternheimer, a physicist and musician, discovered during his research on proteodies(the sequence of frequences associated with protein synthesis) that vibration from sound stimulate the proteins of the vine that are threatened while destroying the proteins of the aggressor.

At first glance, the case may seem crazy but it seems that this is not the case. Genodique Parisian laboratory confirms the validity of this theory.

The genodique is a new scientific discipline, the intersection of fundamental physics, music and biology, which studies the wave associated with the expression of the genome.

Clearly, we can consider that music can influence plants.

In the process of protein synthesis, amino acid sequences of emitted quantum is a specific melody of each protein.

Music recreated in the laboratory in the form of several melodies is distriubted amound the vines affected by esca, via big box, placed in the middle ranks.

Michel Haury uses music boxes that emit 65 decibels to treat his vineyards.

"Amazing Results"

Michel Haury Music Box Michel Haury, owner of Chateau La Grange Clinet, in St. Caprais, aware of this treatment and wanted to test the device on his vineyard.

"It's been a year since I installed the distributor of music in the middle of a field infested with esca."

Every day at 19 o'clock, the music begins to play automatically for seven minutes at 65 decibles. This is enough to treat.

"The housing, powered by solar enery thorough panels is fully automated."

"The results are amazing, exlaimed Michel Haury. There have been no new cases. Next year, I will install other packages on my vineyard. Now, La Grange Clinets treats the vine through music..."