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Chateau La Grange Clinet Receives Terra Vitis Seal

Certificate of Compliance Terra Vitis: 2015

Terra Vitis 2015

Certificate of Compliance Terra Vitis: 2014

Terra Vitis

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The Seal of French Vinegrower/Winemakers who respect nature, Man, and wine

Terra Vitis is the seal given by French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature, Man and wine. Terra Vitis uses Latin to express the close and inalienable link there is between vines and terroir. Over 15 years ago, a group of vinegrower-winemakers came together to create Terra Vitis. They were forerunners in integrated vinegrowing, committed to using eco-friendly techniques.

Since its beginnings the approach has spread through all the French vineyards. It brings over 500 members together ; 11000 hectares (27170 acres) and 6 local associations (Terra Vitis Alsace, Terra Vitis Beaujolais - Bourgogne, Terra Vitis Bordeaux, Terra Vitis Loire, Terra Vitis Rhône- Méditerranée and Terra Vitis Vignoble Champenois) covering all the great French vineyards.

Charter Specifications For Recognition

The charter specifications highlight 6 principles to tend the vines and produce the grapes coherently, globally and rigorously.

Terra Vitis Logo Belonging to Terra Vitis means following a set of rules that are specific to vinegrowing. Terra Vitis is a sustainable and integrated approach. The members use eco-friendly techniques to craft their wines, avoiding any negative impact on the environment. To meet these stipulations, the member- vinegrowers must comply with all the following stipulations:

1) Respect for the Terroir

The aim of any nutrition and care given to the vines is to preserve the soil as a living entity that can meet the needs of the vines to produce quality grapes. The vinegrower needs to know his land and respect water resources and bio-diversity.

2) Protection of the vines and crop

This requires keen observation of the vines to encourage natural defences and limit any intervention to that which is strictly necessary. Intervention is a last resort, when there is no other solution to guarantee the crop.

3) Respect for Man

Terra Vitis’ specifications include a social component. It ensures the protection, safety and training of all the personnel on the estate.

Wine Glasses 4) Innovation and Evolution

To meet this resolve, the specifications are updated yearly. The vinegrower can anticipate and test new techniques, backed-up by know-how from the entire network.

5) Respect for Society

Terra Vitis is committed to an eco-responsible approach, guaranteeing recycling and up-cycling of any waste from the estate

6) Respect for the Consumer

The scrupulous nature of the approach is shown by the fact that the vinegrower has to make a record of each and every undertaking. Any intervention must be justified. An independent organisation monitors each stage of production – from the vine to the glass – to ensure total transparency to the consumer.